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Back to School Stress Relief Tips

Back to school can be both exciting and stressful for parent and children.  The return to quicker pace, homework and after school activities can add additional stress to family members.  Here are three quick tips to help ease back into the school year.

1. Make Lists.  Begin preparing for back to school with lists.  Contact your schools for recommended supply lists.  Adding a family planner will help keep track of activities and special events.  Also make a list for clothing and school routines can help ease return to school stress.

2. Practice School Routines. Heres a tip to help prevent the first day of school jitters.  The week before school, have children lay school clothes out the night before. Know when your bus is scheduled to arrive. Plan your lunches and fill backpack with supplies.  This process will ease students back into routines and help avoid problems.

3. Have a brief family meeting. Gather the family together and have a brief family meeting to discuss homework rules, activities and after school healthy snack options.  Weekly meetings will keep the line of communication open to discuss any stress or anxiety the child may be feeling.  Other topics to for family meetings can include after school program participation, peer pressure, bullying and time management.  This process lets your children know you support and are present for them.

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